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About Us


The Advanture is the brain child of two Irish brothers who converted a van to a camper and fell in love with every part of the process. Once the project was complete, we wanted to create something that displayed our passion and love for the process and the final outcome… and of course we wanted to look good doing it! And so, The Advanture was brought to life!

On this journey we have come across a lot of websites offering #vanlife clothing and wondered how we could do it different. After many many… many phone calls & emails with our graphic designer we finally came up with van designs that are unique, simplistic and stylish. On top of that, we give customers three different design options to show how your van looks specific to your campervan in the form of our Stealth, Traveller & All Terrain. Our designs cover all the bases for whichever type of moveable la maison you have.

From the beginning of this venture we vowed to stay clear of poor quality, fast fashion garments. This form of fashion is unsustainable, bad for the environment and is often times unethical.  That’s why The Advanture only offer fully sustainable, vegan, high quality garments that are long lasting with a print method that won’t come off.

Your Advanture begins here and we want to say a huge thank you for all the new and continued support on our journey bringing everyone a product that can be enjoyed yourself, a significant other, a friend, a neighbour, a grandparent or anyone in your life that wants to join the van life community. Pride in your achievement, pride in your passion!


Dylan McConnell


If you spend more than an hour with me; you’ll quickly learn 2 things, I love the outdoors and find it very hard to sit still for too long. That is why the van life way of living was so appealing to me. The thought of being able to wake up to a new landscape every morning excites me! That is why once my brother began to convert his van into a home on wheels, I quickly followed him down the rabbit hole of youtube videos and Instagram posts.

My love for hiking has taken myself and my credit card all over Ireland & the British Isles. From the top of Ben Nevis to the winding trails of the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks. All these adventures would usually mean a lot of Airbnbs but the van life means I can travel whenever, wherever I want.

Luke McConnell


I bought my Citroen Relay back in August 2019. Since then I have had 9 cut fingers, 13 blown fuses, 17 ruined sheets of plywood and a headache that would make the world’s strongest man cry! I am in love with the self build we have created and can’t wait to do the next one! I have always wanted to venture outside of the usual tourist hotspots. I believe every country and region has wonders to enjoy and a self build camper van gives you the opportunity to do exactly that.

I love the outdoors, whether that be kayaking, hiking, exploring or lying on a beach tanning my heinie. I am so proud of the brand we have created and I am 100% sure you will love our products.
#vanlife = #bestlife

Where did the idea come from?

The Advanture team's van internal shot showing their mirror and slogan banner
The Advanture team's Citroen relay showing their comfortable seating area
Say hello to Bert! This is our self build camper conversion. When we completed our self build we wanted something that showed the passion we put into it. That’s how The Advanture was born.
Our Citroen Relay self build campervan conversion owned by The Advanture team.

Why Order From The Advanture?

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No animal was harmed in the making of this product.
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All our product & packaging are sustainable (the planet thanks you!)

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If you aren’t satisfied with the quality, we offer a money back guarantee.