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Explorer – Campervan Hoodie (Mens)


Calling all proud self build owners! Shoe the world how proud you are of your campervan conversion buying purchasing one of our stylish mens hoodies.

– Unique & Stylish
– Vegan, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly
– Made to Last!

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We support the self build camper community. Introducing the self build mens hoodie. Display your unique self build conversion on one of our stylish camper collection.

We designed this collection with your travels in mind. Our collection is made with premium, made-to-last materials. They’ll stand the test of time whilst keeping you cosy and comfortable on your adventures.

By shopping with us you are helping the planet. Our full collection is vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly. Our collection is Fair Wear approved which guarantees your item was ethically sourced.

If you are looking for a gift to surprise your advanturous partner, friend, or family member then look no further! Our hoodie is the perfect way to showcase your campervan. They come in 3 styles so suit the needs of everyone. The Stealth, Traveller, and All-Terrain designs frame the look and essence of your van conversion specific to you.

Only the highest quality material goes into our fully vegan and sustainable hoodies. We do not prescribe to the idea of fast fashion. This form of clothes manufacturing has more than just the price of damaging the environment to pay. Very often, fast fashion garments begin their life in huge factories that cut their costs by underpaying workers. We made sure to take the time to reach a supply partner that is a member of ‘Fair Wear’. It brings together stakeholders to create changes that make a lasting impact on working conditions everywhere. We only use ethically compliant manufacturers.

Hoodie Information

Type: Clothing > Hoodies
Gender: Mens
Collection: Vagabond
Fit: Medium

Perfect gift for those who have a self build. Want to see our other products?

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